Thursday, April 12, 2012

What the wedding is really about

Last night I was looking through some pictures of wedding bands for David, decorations for the reception, and as I looked at a picture of a couple holding hands I remembered something David told me not long ago: "Baby, this is our day and as long as we're married at the end of the day that is all that matters." And that is the truth, plain and simple. 

I've been stressing myself out trying to figure out what will work, what won't work, what will look best, what is the least expensive, what will be the prettiest,  how to create decorations and invitations, and whether or not to worry about chairs and tables and alcohol for the reception. Plus lots more. 

On our first date David got a flat tire and we had to walk from the beginning of his parents neighborhood to their house so he could get his truck (we were David's dad's truck). It was a mile walk. But was we walked David reached for my hand and we held hands while we walked--that mile did not feel like a mile at all. We talked and walked, while holding hands, and the time passed by fast. From that moment, the moment he reached for my hand I began to fall for him. Little by little.  

Last night he reached for my hand while we were sitting on the couch, a simple gesture he does all the time, and I got butterflies in my stomach again, just like I do every time he reaches for my hand, or kisses my forehead or touches the small of my back...It's the simple gestures of love that mean so much, that we often take for granted. My point is:

Our wedding is a celebration of our love, and we want to share our wedding day with our family and close friends, but what matters the most is that at the end of the day we are married. If it rains on our outdoor wedding, if the decorations aren't finished or even if we don't have very many, if only half of the guests show up, if anything or everything goes wrong then it will be okay...We're getting married. 

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