Monday, March 26, 2012

Inspiration boards

I went on Project Wedding and created 2 inspiration boards...I'm not done yet. But here goes some of what I'm looking at for inspiration...I'm in the process of trying to put everything together so I can start shopping for decorations for the wedding and reception, and from everything I've read it is much easier if you've got some sort of visual aid to use as a starting point.

Trying to create my own inpiration board

I'm in the process of trying to create my own inspiration board. Looking for photos, etc so I can do that. Music themed wedding, black/white/silver/red weddings, outdoor weddings, non-traditional, 50's theme, vintage...Lots of stuff to choose from. So my search begins.

Might have found someone to make our cake and cupcakes. Thanks to our friend Paige M. And might have found someone to alter my dress, thanks to our friend Tammy. And I think I might have finally created our invitations, thanks to PowerPoint and YouTube. So I'm gonna get back to googling pics and see what I can find for inspiration so I can make my to-do list for the decorations, etc...

Friday, March 23, 2012

More inspiration

David got a new job, he starts Monday, which means I start training for his job today. I'm up, ready, and drinking my coffee while he sleeps in a little. I'll be working at his family's makes me feel so good to be part of his life and his family. What a blessing he has been in my life.

This picture reminds me of what is really important, and to take the time to pay attention to the small things, the simple things in life.

I'm planning a wedding, but it's not just any wedding, it's our wedding to the most wonderful man, the most amazing person I've ever met.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


My fiance David is a musician. While trying to figure out a theme for our wedding I came across an article that referred to a music/musician themed wedding. I remember thinking, "that sounds cool." I googled and found several images, some decorations for sale, one or two websites, but mostly lots of pics of sheet music inspired "stuff." I love black & white pics, black & white decorations, etc. Since I'd already changed the color of the bridesmaids dresses from dark purple/lapis to little black dresses (not matchy matchy) I thought "this might be IT." I did some more looking. I looked on Etsy, I looked on Ebay, I looked on wedding websites, in magazines, etc.

What it all acme down to was this: I found the niche between the two of us, that thing that helped bring us together (friends and music), and am using it as our theme. Our wedding/reception isn't going to be some formal shindig with a cocktail hour, nor will it be in a church or in a "venue," we're having it at my parents home. The wedding will be in their front yard and the reception in the backyard. We're having barbeque and the fixin's, beer, lots of family and friends, and some flowers and mason jars with tea light candles in them, and probably a couple of  bottles of Jack (my dad will haven hidden in the "mancave" for himself and a few of his close friends/relatives), and we're probably going to have a homemade red velvet cake withe wedding topper on it....and as I sit here thinking about everything (like my DIY wedding invitations that I'm working on, or my gunmetal grey dress that I need to have altered to tea length and my silver Cinderella shoes to match, or how I don't really give a rat's ass about whether or not everyone we invite shows up so long as the important people do, and most of them are either related to us, in the wedding, or both) I realize this just might be my dream wedding come true.

Would I want to have the fancy church, the cathedral train and veil, the sit down dinner and cocktail hour, the wedding planner, florist, etc...? No, not really. I'm a little stressed out about planning it myself, but at least this way I know it is about US.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wedding angst

I'd only been engaged 2 weeks, and already "the wedding" angst had started. We had trouble picking a date that didn't coincide with anyone's birthday, anniversary, etc; then there were people who were trying to invite themselves into my wedding; then my daughter didn't want to be pregnant when we had our wedding...SO we finally decided on September 8, 2012. 
We wanted something sweet, romantic, fun, and most of all something that was a celebration of our commitment to each other. We checked into a few places, nothing really seemed right. I was talking to my dad and he suggested we have it in their yard. Now you should understand, my dad doesn't just have a yard, it's about 13-14 acres of trees--oaks, pines, gum, etc. The area in the front yard we were looking at for the ceremony has 5 trees that make a nice sized circle-perfect to put an archway in. The area in the back he's talking about has enough trees for shade but would be perfect for tables and chairs, a tent or three, and to even have a dance area.  The picture just shows a small part of the front yard.

David agreed it was a beautiful spot, and genuinely liked the idea. So we had agreed on the When, and the Where, and the Time. Now we just needed to figure out the colors, the Who would be standing with us, along with a lot of other details.

Surprisingly enough, I heard from more than one person that I could not wear WHITE. Both David and I have been married before, but neither of us had ever had a WEDDING. We were both married previously by a justice of the peace...Since I'd been married before I SHOULD KNOW that I CAN"T WEAR WHITE. I know lots of people who've gotten married again and worn white. WTH? Tradition? Well, I researched Tradition, and found that women didn't wear white until Queen Victoria wore white and then it became the "thing."

So I searched for wedding dresses, tried on numerous ones....And all along I kept looking back at several I'd seen that were gunmetal grey. I came close to buying a white one with red trim from David's Bridal that made me feel like a princess...But while we (me, my cousin, and my daughter) we happened upon a gunmetal grey prom dress. It was GORGEOUS!!! My fiance liked the gunmetal grey dresses I'd shown him online, and this dress was prettier, less sexy but more beautiful. SO, I tried it on.

AND WOW!!! I got it because it was the perfect dress, not because people said I couldn't wear white. I got it because once I alter it and make it tea length and it fits perfect it will be THE DRESS I imagined. And the perfect combination of what David wanted and what I wanted.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Who said I had to wear white????

So the color is gunmetal grey! And I'll take a pic of me in it once it's altered, and I also have a pic of the shoes...OMG! They are fantastic...And I'm having the dress altered to tea length, and letting just one inch of the crinoline show, reminiscent of the 50's. I even have a little silver purse to go with it. Now I'll just need to find a midnight blue and silver garter belt, along with lingerie and I'm set...

Engaged and planning wedding

He proposed on Jan 16th, and I said yes. My engagement ring/wedding set was my mothers. My father gave it to her when they got engaged, but what makes it even more special is that my father died when I was 7 years old, so it is amazing to me. The pictures isn't the best quality, I'll have to try to get a better picture to add later. 
 My mom was lucky enough to meet the second most wonderful man in the world, and they were married 2 months before I turned 9. My daddy will be with me in spirit and my dad will be walking me down the aisle on Sept 8, 2012.