Monday, April 16, 2012

Having a blog

Earlier today I read that differences between Wordpress and Blogger. Not sure I agree with all of what I read though. I have a blog on Wordpress, just started it today, and though I imported posts from this blog I am not sure that I'll be posting the same things. Not sure I want to close this one. I'm thinking that I'll keep this one for the wedding. The other will be for other stuff.

Does blogging really pay? Do people really earn a living blogging? Do most people blog just for fun? These are the questions I want answered.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

DIY time, re-doing the bathroom

First major project for the home is the main bathroom. Our bathroom is decorated with ducks. I have a duck shower curtain so we chose yellow for the walls. (There is a much nicer duck shower curtain on my wedding registry that I checked as something I wanted and am hoping we'll get it along with the cute little duck towels, etc) so I can finish the look.
I put painter's tape around the trim, we're keeping the trim white and began painting. I also primed the cabinets because they were wood and the stain was messed up, plus we wanted the bathroom to be brighter and more cheery. Everything is almost finished in there. We still have to put the new toilet seat on there, hang the shower curtain back up (I washed it). And then paint the cabinets a white high-gloss once the primer drys.
So here are a few before and after photos...
I lost some of the numbers in translation, but you get the drift. I'm really tired, I've been working on all of this since 3 pm Sat and it is now 3:25 am on Sun. So it's time for some much needed sleep. I'm about to take my sheets out of the dryer so I can put fresh sheets on my bed, and then I'm off to take a shower in my revamped bathroom. Then off to get some sleep...

One room down, and many more to go...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

What the wedding is really about

Last night I was looking through some pictures of wedding bands for David, decorations for the reception, and as I looked at a picture of a couple holding hands I remembered something David told me not long ago: "Baby, this is our day and as long as we're married at the end of the day that is all that matters." And that is the truth, plain and simple. 

I've been stressing myself out trying to figure out what will work, what won't work, what will look best, what is the least expensive, what will be the prettiest,  how to create decorations and invitations, and whether or not to worry about chairs and tables and alcohol for the reception. Plus lots more. 

On our first date David got a flat tire and we had to walk from the beginning of his parents neighborhood to their house so he could get his truck (we were David's dad's truck). It was a mile walk. But was we walked David reached for my hand and we held hands while we walked--that mile did not feel like a mile at all. We talked and walked, while holding hands, and the time passed by fast. From that moment, the moment he reached for my hand I began to fall for him. Little by little.  

Last night he reached for my hand while we were sitting on the couch, a simple gesture he does all the time, and I got butterflies in my stomach again, just like I do every time he reaches for my hand, or kisses my forehead or touches the small of my back...It's the simple gestures of love that mean so much, that we often take for granted. My point is:

Our wedding is a celebration of our love, and we want to share our wedding day with our family and close friends, but what matters the most is that at the end of the day we are married. If it rains on our outdoor wedding, if the decorations aren't finished or even if we don't have very many, if only half of the guests show up, if anything or everything goes wrong then it will be okay...We're getting married. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Groom and groomsmen inspiration

So I've been looking up ideas for David and his best man and the groomsmen. Since my dress is gun metal grey, David wants to wear a silver tie and vest. I found one, but it's not exactly what I want. So while looking for inspirations I came across this one...
This one looks like a darker silver and I like the pattern. The flowers on the right just happened to be part of the pic, but mine would be red...
I also like the red and silver one above (top row, middle), and the red paisley one beside that one.

Bridal Party fashion

Been thinking about the look I want in regards to the bridal party and so far these are some of the looks I like. Since our wedding is outdoors some of the bridesmaids might not want to wear heels, so I thought sandals might be a good idea. Though I did find a site that has heel protectors that you can purchase to help keep your heels from digging into the ground.
In regard to the MOH, she will either be wearing a red and black dress or a black dress with some type of silver on it. I like the red and black dress the most. I also like the little ballerina type flats, might have to get me a pair of those for the reception since my feet are probably going to be hurting after a while in my heels...
Off to find some more inspiration, but this time in regards to the grooms party...

Monday, April 9, 2012

DIY bouquets

This is an awesome blog about bouquets...

More inspiration!!!!

Engagement pics...

 These pictures were taken on Easter, by my Aunt Charmin. She did a great job of taking our pictures! I'm so blessed.

(I'm thinking that I really need to revamp my exercise program so I can tone my arms, and lose a few pounds. I don't feel like I am that big, but evidently I am bigger than I thought I was )-: So it's time to get more serious about exercising!!!!)

I love the pictures though.