Monday, April 2, 2012

Organization, planning, creativity

As I research handmade wedding invitations, wedding ettiquette, flowers, ties and socks, and decorations I have realized I need one whole wall in my study just for the wedding. I've also realized I need a "wo-man Cave" instead of a study. I need a big room just for crafts, books, my computer desk, reading chair, inspiration board, sewing machine, etc...The study just isn't cutting it and is going to have to be converted soon into our guest bedroom... So I guess we're going to have to save (after the wedding) for a "jam cave" for David and a "wo-man cave" for me (though I'm thinking it's going to end up being a craft/photography/library/study for me).

The wedding is a work-in-progress. My eyes are crossed right now from all the research and reading, but I wanted to sort of update a few things.

I've decided to create handmade invitations. I won't be making my own paper, though I did find quite a few websites that show you how to do that, but I will be creating the design and handwriting them. I'm actually excited about it. My daughter is an artist, and I'm actually decent when it comes to drawing, but she's AMAZING. I've found an ampersand that I am going to use, and I think I've found a piece of clipart that I really like....see above picture.

Since we're sort of going with the music theme for our wedding, and David is amazing on the guitar (and his voice is truly amazing), I think that will fit perfectly with what I want. Our wedding colors are black, silver, and red. So I think these will be perfect, if I can just get the wedding invitation to look the way I want it to. I'm going to put those two items on pretty much everything that we're using for the wedding (from invitations, program, decor, RSVPs, cake topper (maybe)...

Back to some research and trying to figure out exactly what type of invitations I want to use (fold, box, etc)...

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