Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bridal Party fashion

Been thinking about the look I want in regards to the bridal party and so far these are some of the looks I like. Since our wedding is outdoors some of the bridesmaids might not want to wear heels, so I thought sandals might be a good idea. Though I did find a site that has heel protectors that you can purchase to help keep your heels from digging into the ground.
In regard to the MOH, she will either be wearing a red and black dress or a black dress with some type of silver on it. I like the red and black dress the most. I also like the little ballerina type flats, might have to get me a pair of those for the reception since my feet are probably going to be hurting after a while in my heels...
Off to find some more inspiration, but this time in regards to the grooms party...

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